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Appreciation of Z1 One Piece's customized mobile phone beautiful pictures!
Release time: 2020-08-12 16:10:36  Hits: 239

Due to my age, I haven't watched the anime of "One Piece" (still called "One Piece"), but I still know the character of Luffy after all. I remember that when I went to Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki for the first time more than ten years ago, I boarded the 1:1 "Thousand Suns" there. I was very impressed with this guy with soft hands and feet.

zmkm-800_800 (3).jpgNeptune’s customized mobile phone is known as “deep customization”, not only the iQOO logo, but also the One Piece mark on the camera. According to the official statement of iQOO, this customized mobile phone design took 4,000 hours, and a total of 50 solutions were produced, which were polished through 15 complicated processes. In addition, the theme of the system is also a deeply customized One Piece theme, which is quite eye-catching in short.

om a functioal point of view, iQOO Z1, as a mid-range model with a practical Dimensity 1000+ processor, also performs well in terms of performance. The Antutu running score is more than 53w, 144Hz racing screen, and 44W ultra-fast flash charging +4500mAh battery and stereo dual speakers. It should be quite fun to play mobile games.

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