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Is Apple’s 329 transparent protective case IQ tax?
Release time: 2020-08-12 16:32:54  Hits: 159

Judging from the production cost of mobile phone cases, Apple’s pricing is indeed high, but when you buy an actual experience, the idea that Apple accessories are an IQ tax may change. Recently, the transparent phone case sold on Apple's official website has caused controversy. Many netizens said, why can Apple's mobile phones sell for 329 yuan? Why do people buy Apple products so expensive? Do we really need to buy such expensive Apple accessories?
v2_9707870a5605423784708fe275cbdd31_img_000.pngWhy are Apple accessories expensive? Let’s answer the first question first. The reasons why Apple phone cases are so expensive are mainly divided into the following three points: 1. Brand premium. Take Starbucks Paris Water as an example. This bottle of soda is priced at 30 yuan, while the Watsons soda sold in convenience stores is only 4 yuan, and the taste is basically the same as the former. In fact, the sales of Paris water sold by Starbucks are not good, but they are sold in every store. If a bottle of unflavored water can be sold for 30 yuan, is it more reasonable for you to spend more than 30 yuan on a cup of Starbucks coffee? Of course, the same applies to the mobile phone cases sold on Apple's official website.
v2_e7cfc72caba64992bd3199512ef86543_img_000.jpg2. Although the official Apple mobile phone case is priced on the high side, the workmanship is indeed OK. Xiaolei himself is also using Apple's official transparent phone case, and now I will share with you the actual experience. To be honest, Apple’s transparent phone case is quite different from the case of a few yuan or even tens of yuan sold by a treasure. Under normal circumstances, ordinary transparent mobile phone cases will turn yellow after a period of time, while Apple's official mobile phone cases only turn yellow on the power button and volume increase and decrease area. The material of Apple’s official phone case is very hard, and the phone will be stuck tightly so that it will not loosen. If the phone accidentally falls to the ground, the phone case can indeed play a protective role. In addition, Xiaolei’s phone case has been used for more than half a year, and it still looks the same as the new one. Its anti-pollution ability is much stronger than that of ordinary phone cases, but it is not oil-r


3. In line with Apple's consistent product pricing strategy. Apple products have always been very expensive. The value of some products is not to sell money, but to push the product higher. This is like going to a 5-star hotel to order a can of Coke and it costs dozens of dollars. On this basis, a 15% service charge is added, while the same Coke is only a few dollars in supermarkets or convenience stores. Compared with the core products, Apple's accessories are insignificant, and the higher prices are more reasonable.
People who buy Apple products are stupid and have a lot of money? There may still be small partners who are suspicious. Why are some consumers still willing to buy Apple products because they know the routine? Take the aforementioned mobile phone case as an example. Apple’s official mobile phone case provides consumers with a choice. Because some users may want to buy a mobile phone case, but don't know how to choose. We

If the company passes the MFi system audit, then Apple will also conduct other inspections, such as whether it has a large production scale; whether it has its own brand; whether the brand has a higher position in the industry, etc., to evaluate the company's MFi membership. If the company successfully obtains the MFi membership, it can get Apple's official MFi R&D document. After purchasing the MFi chip, it can submit a product plan for product R&D and self-test. In addition to the product itself, Apple will also certify and audit its packaging. After these steps are passed, accessory manufacturers can obtain Apple MFi chips for bulk purchase, and then the products can be mass-produced and sold. The entire MFi certification process takes 3 months to half a year, and a test fee of $600 is required for each submission of certification. Therefore, the quality of accessories that can be listed on Apple's official website is generally not bad. If there are quality problems with the accessories you buy officially, Apple will also provide consumers with corresponding compensation after sales.

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