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Is Your phone case secure? Shenzhen to introduce the first mobile phone protection group standards
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Mobile phone cover (also known as mobile phone case) is the daily high-frequency use and contact of consumer goods, children will also play and even bite the entrance. But at present, there is no relevant standard about mobile phone cover in our country. According to an earlier survey conducted by the Shenzhen Consumer Council, 90 percent of users are accustomed to using plastic mobile phone covers. However, plastic products may contain large amounts of toxic and harmful chemicals, the most common such as plasticizers, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, etc. . Studies have shown that in people who are exposed to a lot of plasticisers, women's endocrine system are affected, as are fertility, and the development of a child's reproductive system is directly affected. The total number of mobile phone users in China reached 1.57 billion in 2018, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. According to incomplete statistics, 75% of mobile phone users will choose to use mobile phone cover, that is, China has about 1.1 billion mobile phone cover users. The problem of toxic and harmful substances in mobile phone protective cover should be paid more attention. In fact, the problem of toxic and harmful substances in mobile phone covers is only a reflection of the chemical hazards of consumer products. Many consumer products in daily life contain toxic and harmful chemicals such as plasticizers and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, but consumers are largely unaware of them. It is understood that, at present, China in addition to the national recommendations for comments on the chemical hazards limit requirements for consumer goods, chemical substances in consumer goods in the context of the limits of standards or regulations are still blank. At the same time, the European Union has strict control requirements for chemical substances, and as early as 2005 it introduced REACH, which covers about 68 categories of more than 3,000 restricted substances and 65 types of banned substances that are compulsory for use, many of these substances are harmful to the human body. Mobile phone covers from comparative test to group Standard in April 2018, the Shenzhen Municipal Consumer Council jointly conducted a comparative test of mobile phone covers with the consumer committees of Futian District, Yantian District and Bao'an Districts. The results showed that, some well-known brands of plastic mobile phone cover contains toxic and harmful substances, or even a brand of mobile phone cover lead content 1550 times above the standard limit, may cause harm to the human body. The results of this test is not optimistic, consumers urgently need a consumer-centered group standard. According to our understanding, the Shenzhen Consumer Council, in conjunction with the Futian District Consumer Council, the Yantian District Consumer Council and the Baoan District Consumer Council, commissioned the Shenzhen Consumer Research Institute of Quality, based on a comparative test of mobile phone covers, and combined with consumer complaint data, the "mobile phone protection case" group standard was established in conjunction with famous brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo and Netease, as well as international testing organizations such as Tianxiang and Tongbiao. The standards were developed over a period of more than six months and were subject to an expert review on 7 March 2019. It is reported that this is the children's Smart Watch group standards, Sanitary Napkins, mask group standards, after the Shenzhen Consumer Council led the development of the fourth group standards. Cell Phone Cover Group Standard Three highlights cell phone cover group standard can be said to be an international leading level of the group standard, it has the following three highlights: 1. From the point of view of consumers, it is the first time to standardize the chemical safety of mobile phone cover products. 2. The main chemical indexes in this standard refer to the requirements of the higher limit values of test indexes in international standards, for example, the limit grade requirements of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon refer to the limits of children's toys of GS in Germany. 3. After the release of the standards, will rely on the strength of the implementation of standards and implementation of supervision. The standard is not out of reach, it has been mobile phone cover manufacturers agreed. According to the comparison test of 30 types of mobile phone covers conducted by the urban consumer council, the quality of 23 types of mobile phone covers exceeded international first-class standards, and no toxic or harmful chemicals were detected in 201 chemical tests, accounting for nearly 80 per cent of the total. It is reported that "mobile phone cover" group standards will be released soon, it will fill the gaps in relevant product standards at home and abroad, starting from the demand side, reverse force supply quality improvement, and further promote the healthy development of plastic mobile phone cover industry.

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