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Oppo Find X3 launches, takes 1 billion photos, drives back case maker crazy
Release time: 2021-03-15 15:23:52  Hits: 258

On March 11, 2021, oppo officially released the new generation of its flagship oppo find X3 series products, which is the tenth year of the find series. Therefore, oppo has devoted a lot of efforts to this mobile phone: full link 10bit color engine, the first group of 1 billion color dual cameras, and the upgraded 1 billion color Zhencai screen, "impossible curved surface" glass back shell, 65W super flash charging 2.0 and 30W Wireless Flash charging, new color OS system, the technology, this mobile phone has~

Appearance design

Oppo find X3 series products use a 6.7-inch screen on the front with a resolution of 3216 * 1440 and a PPI of 525. The display effect is clear and delicate. Moreover, this screen has won the a + rating of displaymate, a professional evaluation organization, and has kept 12 records in the detail score. This screen supports 10 bit native display, and the 1 billion color screen can restore amazing color accuracy. Moreover, this mobile phone is equipped with the O1 super sensitive image quality engine developed by oppo, which supports the enhancement of 480p video quality to nearly 960p effect. Even in the case of poor network, it can also watch clear movies.

Find X3 series screen supports 120Hz intelligent dynamic frame rate, which can realize the sensorless adjustment of 120 refresh rate within the range of 5-120hz. When the mobile phone screen is still, the refresh frequency of the screen is 5Hz, while when the finger is touched, the refresh frequency will be increased to 120Hz, which will bring smooth sliding screen experience. The benefit is that it can reduce 46% power consumption and bring 43 minutes of endurance.

Oppo describes the back shell design of find X3 with "impossible surface", because the back shell of this mobile phone has no breakpoint segmentation, but a whole glass. Through more than 2000 control points and art level hot forging technology, the camera area and the fuselage are connected in curve form. To be honest, some users think this design is not beautiful, but in the small edition, this just reflects the super technology and exquisite technology of oppo, and there is no breakpoint, no distortion, the whole machine has a better grip, and avoids the trouble of ash accumulation. Maybe, the back shell of the surface will let the manufacturers of mobile phone shell look confused, after all, the curved glass is not good to design the mobile phone shell.

Powerful photography

The find X3 series is a wide-angle lens, ultra wide angle lens and long focus lens, all of which support 10bit color depth image. The specifications of ultra wide angle and wide angle sensors are the same. Both of them adopt the flagship imx766 jointly developed by oppo and Sony, with a photosensitive area of 1 / 1.56 inch. The ultra wide angle camera with oppo self-developed free-form lens can achieve 110.3 ° super large original field of vision and solve the distortion problem to the maximum extent.

In addition to the two main cameras, oppo has also designed a 60x micro lens for this series of mobile phones, which can help users capture the microscopic world that cannot be seen by the naked eye, which is very powerful.

n terms of video, find X3 brings a new movie mode, supports HDR video shooting with 4K resolution + bt2020 gamut + 10bit color depth, and supports log shooting, which greatly improves the video quality and supports larger post creation space. But also built in a number of Jiang Wen director filter, so that ordinary Xiaobai can become a master photographer~

It is worth mentioning that oppo is the first smartphone in the industry equipped with a full link 10bit color engine, and for the first time, it runs 10bit through all links of shooting, encoding, storage, decoding and display, realizing a complete experience of 1 billion colors.

Configuration price

The products released this time are divided into two models. Among them, the find X3 pro of big cup is equipped with Xiaolong 888 mobile platform. The 8 + 256gb version costs 5499 yuan, the 12 + 256gb version costs 5999 yuan, and the 16 + 512gb version costs 6999 yuan. The small cup's find X3 is equipped with Xiaolong 870 mobile platform, with 8 + 128GB for 4499 yuan and 8 + 256gb for 4999 yuan. It can be sold in advance from now on, and it will be officially opened on March 19.


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