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The case is often used, but do you know its history?
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As an indispensable accessory of the smart phone, the mobile phone cover not only plays the role of protecting the phone, but also beautifies the phone, improves the hand feeling, enhances the entertainment, the status symbol and so on, that a small mobile phone protective Shell is how to slowly develop to the current blossoming state?zmkm-800_800 (25).jpg

The case was originally created to protect the phone. When the mobile phone first came out, it was commonly known as the mobile phone. Because the mobile phone was too big and inconvenient to carry, the mobile phone cover at that time could be said to be the D real mobile cover B, which not only could protect the mobile phone, but also could be conveniently installed.


To the mobile phone popularity higher function machine age, also can be said to be the Nokia Age, then there was a classic slogan "technology is based on changing Shell. ". In the era of personality, the cost of changing the mobile phone shell is very low, so the function of the Shell is not much, and "crack Walnuts" as a selling point of Nokia also do not need the protection of the mobile phone shell. Therefore the material of the mobile phone shell at that time was mostly silica gel material, leather, plastic, material color is also very single, on the market can choose is very few, young people also do not like to take the shell, mobile phone cover market is not busy.


Since 2007, as apple has risen from 2.4 inches to 3.5 inches in the smartphone space, the screen has been upgraded to a glass resistive screen, more than half of the mobile phone components are screens, to break the maintenance costs can not be underestimated, so people began to realize the importance of mobile phone shell protection properties, the mobile phone shell industry has risen. When apple saw the promise of a global case and started developing its own case, the move only fueled the emergence of more manufacturers of third party cases. In addition to the traditional silicone, plastic, leather, there are liquid silicone, metal, TPU, carbon fiber, acrylic, wood and other materials, Shell style, form, color with a variety of features.

zmkm-800_800 (47).jpg

Silicone mobile phone cover is the most familiar mobile phone cover, with low price, but soft texture, feel very good characteristics, can withstand high temperature, good weather, and impact resistance is the best. But the shortcoming is also obvious, is because the Silica Gel permeability is bad, the heat dissipation is bad. The silicone case of the iphone solves this problem perfectly, using liquid silicone technology, where the phone comes in contact with a hard plastic material and is coated with a thin layer of silicone, which solves the handle problem, and solved the problem of heat dissipation. The phone case is very colorful and very bright. The wooden mobile phone shell has a different texture in appearance, and now the wooden protective shell has been developed into the mobile phone shell art micro-carving, using a new technology, so that the mobile phone shell has a three-dimensional and artistic effect, all kinds of decorative art patterns are micro-carved on the material with artistic technique.



The development course of mobile phone protective case, in a simple way, is from the initial single protective and absorbing attribute to the process of representing fashion, expressing individuality, customizing and entertaining, the new materials and processes that appear on the phone's protective case will also become increasingly complex.

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