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When the mobile phone case meets the 200-year-old artwork, it creates a different fashion spark
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What you take with you every day must not be ugly. Every gesture, every gesture, every taste. For example, your phone case.


Today, for you to recommend a few special taste of mobile phone case. These phone cases, with their intricate and delicate designs, are a far cry from the current cult of sexlessness. They are all based on the masterpieces of the "19th Century Western Arts and Crafts Movement" : Printmaker William Morris, arts and crafts artist Charles Vause, architect Owen Jonnes, their works have had a far-reaching influence on modern and contemporary decorative arts.


All of these masterpieces are housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum, or V & A. The V & A museum is the world's largest collection with more than 4.6 million pieces. It is also one of the most fashionable museums in the world for art hipsters.


The world tour of Vivian Westwood Takes Place here, as does the retrospective of the work of the Alexander McQueen, the godfather of British fashion, where countless designers and artists come to visit for inspiration. In order to let more people feel the charm of art and design, the V & A Museum Art Store has designed many fine and down-to-earth derivatives. Everyone who comes to visit, they can't help but buy a bunch.


In 2017, the V & A Museum Art Store opened in China, featuring several classic cell phone cases that were launched exclusively at a living room. Both men and women have artistic qualities in their hands. Summer specials although the Arts and Crafts movement's style is retro, intricate and exquisite, the V & A China store has selected four art pieces specifically in consideration of the summer's preference for crisp patterns, make it a summer special.


A William Morris of flowersn.jpg

The summer case is from William Morris's flowers are blooming. The motto of the William Morris, which dominated British consumer values throughout the 20th century, was "don't keep anything ugly or useless in your home. ".


Derivatives of Maurice's work have also been among the hottest sellers at the V & A museum's British stores.zz.jpgThis cool color tone suits the person of contracted wind very much. ● A Midsummer Night's Dream Vause's A Midsummer Night's Dream, frame size: 44cm 64cm a living room for sale this is the A Midsummer Night's Dream, which sounds appropriate. It's summer to make a phone case.xx.jpg

 The case was taken from Charles Vause's wings for wings.vv.jpg

Vause was deeply influenced by Maurice, and the William Morris was both his teacher and his friend. More refined than Maurice's "simplicity and Rigor" , Vause said that "even the smallest details are worthy of attention" and developed his innovative concept "Miniature and authentic happiness" . I want you to put a notebook on your desk, put your Chin on your notebook, okay, here's your pre-holiday gift -- Notebook Pad! And A PIG's head! Heard you're moving? The address is Love City love road 520, the landlord is your favorite Ta, the rent is your love, the lease is a lifetime. Congratulations!

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